Give your wife a priceless gift this season
It restores your sex life to where it was when you were 18 years.
Settles the Old Age Depression in Men
Libi Power settles the age old depression in men who underperform in bed as well as those completely unable to rise to the occasion.
This is a ones stop solution to sexual deficiencies in men with special consideration to those suffering from hypertension and diabetes.
Used across all the ages
LIBI-POWER treatment regimen is used across all ages. It’s the outcome of two years of research. It addresses Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction and Poor Performance, stimulates blood production, boosts semen production thus improving fertility, alleviates stress, fatigue and mounts attention and concentration, and helps burn fat in the body and improve flexibility
No More Cheating
Our motivation for coming up with LIBI-POWER was to reduce the alarming number of couples who cheat on their partners today due to lack of sexual satisfaction in their matrimonial homes. With infidelity comes the risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
Good Sex means stable families and stable Nation
It is a fact that good sex contributes to peace in relationship and such stability leads to prosperity of a nation. A partner whose conjugal needs are well taken care of is less likely to keep mpango wa kando (illicit affairs) which is the source of conflict and even death in families today.
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Erectile Dysfunction and Poor Performance
  • Stimulates blood production
  • Boosts semen production thus improving fertility
  • Alleviates stress, fatigue
  • Mounts attention and concentration
  • Helps burn fat in the body and improve flexibility
Traditional Foods Boost Sex LifeCase Study

There are communities in Kenya and across the borders of Uganda that have appreciated the role of traditional foods in boosting sexual life. The Abaganda community with natural supplements like Gee Nut, and the Banyore of Kenya (Luhyas) with their love for Sim Sim and other natural ingredients have the least reported cases of sexual dormancy among their men. The three products address premature ejaculation that women hate the most during intercourse as it leaves them yearning for more yet a man is through with the session. Cases of erectile Dysfunction are also dealt with enabling Mr Victor to flex his muscles like he should in the process restoring his glory.


The supplement boosts the general body’s immune system, a superb trigger for sex drive. Our research shows that  endogenous and exogenous anti-oxidants such as Vitamin E which activates sex hormones, Vitamins C  found in our products prevent sperm mortality   and increases sperm motility  by reducing oxidative stress.

Magnesium in LIBI-POWER

Magnesium which makes a big component of LIBI-POWER  is crucial in nerve transmission , muscle contraction, two aspects that are needed for sexual pleasure. It also helps in blood coagulation and energy production. Sex is energy intensive, and in its absence, even an erect penis wont do much.


Carefully researched  and developed for the last two years  in our modern laboratory in conjunction with other herbal specialists from local universities, the product is well endowed  with amino acids that are essential for sperm formation.


For the portion of iron, we use dates, a common diet among the Muslims. In order for the penis to get optimally hard, it requires around 130 ml of blood, meaning the body should have enough supply of blood. Our supplements make blood flow to every nerve of the penis returning the youthful vitality and make the lady fully enjoy the sex.

Because most men suffering from this condition are also victims of stress which sets in immediately they are rendered ‘useless’, the product cures the condition, further boosting the self esteem, a key ingredient of a healthy sex life.
In the end, even the attention needed to sustain a satisfactory love making session is also achieved. The treatment is also recommended to those with poor food appetite which also compounds the situation.
From the testimony of the patients we have attended to, the condition is dehumanizing! Numerous are the cases that resulted to masturbation to try and achieve self satisfaction yet this is another slippery path. Those used to doing it are no longer interested in their wives; they also end up with shorter penises which is a source of turn off for ladies.
In such cases, we first rehabilitate the patient. And like they say every cloud has a silver lining, when completely healed, those used to masturbating end up having better stamina and longer penises which are more appealing to women.
  • For those attending gym keen to shed the extra kilos,  we advice them to be careful not to dehydrate their bodies. There is still need to take plenty of fluids since this is quintessential in firming the sexual life they so much desire like is the case with physically fit persons. Men who are out to revitalize bedroom lives must at all costs avoid soya beans.
  • Excess amounts of legume-derived products- soy milk, tofu and sauce can drastically reduce the high levels of testosterone in the blood and decrease your love drive; this is according to a study in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Unlike clinical procedures administered in conventional hospitals, our mode of treatment is safe and the package is mild. An individual using it does not run wild like in the case of conventional drugs. Drugs used in hospital to treat hypertension diminish libido. As such, when such patients come to us, we change the treatment mode to herbal so they can fully recover from that condition while at the same time regaining their full sexual ability. It is the same procedure with diabetes patients.

Ordering Procedure

Due to the overwhelming demand, we have simplified the process of getting the supply. You do not have to visit our offices. Anybody in need pays and gets it delivered through various courier services in Kenya and within East Africa.

Introducing LIPA NA MPESA

You can pay our services through M-Pesa as follows:-

  • Go to Mpesa Menu
  • Select Paybill
  • Enter Business Number 500888
  • Enter Account Number(for account write word NAIROBI)
  • Enter Amount
  • Enter your Mpesa PIN number
  • You will receive a message confirming that money has been sent to Murugu Natural Product Limited, which you will forward to either of these numbers: 0700007500(SMS ONLY, DON’T CALL! Or 0722997788( you can call this number for more information)



One Time-Effects Last Two Months
One Time-Effects in 6 hours
Packaged and delivered from our clinic
Pay Cash
No Shipping
Half Dose
Take for 3 months
3 months
Packaged from our Nairobi Clinic
Pay via Mpesa
Sent to user through Courier services
Full Dose
Take for 6 months
Permanent Solution to your Libido Issues
Outside Kenya: Full Dose Price Ksh 20800 or USD 200 plus shipping costs depending on destination
Pay via MPESA, Paypal, Skrill, Mastercard, or Visa
Sent to user through DHL or any other international service


Dr Peter Macharia Murugu is a Kenyan renowned herbalist who has made immense contribution in research and discovery of herbal remedies to various allergy, hormonal, and chronic problems in human beings.

Murugu’s contribution to herbal medicinal research and development of curative herbal medicine has been recognized in Kenya and beyond borders.

On September 5, 2014, Murugu was crowned Person of The Year for his lead role in spearheading research in herbal medicine. Dr Murugu shared same award alongside other key personalities who had excelled in other areas including First Lady Margaret Kenyatta, Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore, and his Equity BankEquity Bank counterpart James Mwangi.

Dr Peter Murugu has been a key consultant on herbal medicine and has been featured in leading media houses in Kenya.

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